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Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International

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Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International has been providing comprehensive travel insurance plans to worldwide travelers for over 20 years. The company runs off their founder’s principles – Pete’s Principles, ensuring that the customers’ needs are first and foremost in any customer service process.


Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International offers an array of travel insurance protection benefits including emergency evacuation, trip cancellation and trip interruption protection, medical care coverage, baggage protection and more.

For over 20 years, they have been committed to “understanding, anticipating and fulfilling” the customers’ needs. This is the first of Pete’s Principles. Representatives at Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International listen and learn from their customers to build travel insurance plans that speak to their needs and possible concerns.

They endeavor to give the customer quality customer service that goes above and beyond for their customers. The customer service team is dedicated to doing this with compassionate and friendly service.


  • Over 20 years of travel insurance experience
  • Comprehensive travel insurance plans built with customer experience in mind
  • Customer service teams that put the customer first with compassion and friendliness

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Its been a month since I submitted my claim, no response by email and no call back when I entered the virtual que.I realize they are busy currently, but some kind of response to any of my email and submissions over 30 days seems reasonable. Update: after 2 months, I did get an email asking for proof of the refunds I was able to get on my own of the total trip cost. I submitted that the same day. after 5 months, the insurance company somehow got my airline tickets refunded by the airline which was nice since they were supposedly non refundable. They never communicated with me about it, just got the credit from the airline. After 6 months, I still have a small deposit I had claimed and should be paid but I've heard no communication from the insurance company despite repeated attempts on my part for contact. Additional update: their web site had changed several times and I finally found an update on my case there which shows the claim was "closed" 2 months ago. With no communication to me nor any response to the multiple emails I have been sending in the meantime. I will certainly NOT recommend this company. Final update: with the assistance of insure my trip, I finally got my claim paid. The lack of communication from the insurance company made for a very frustrating and time consuming process. I'm very pleased that Insure my trip stepped-up and helped me.
Erica P.
It's been FIVE MONTHS since I filed my claim and...nothing. Every time I call, they say they're just about to look at it. They they promise the analyst will call me back. Then...nothing. Travel insurance only works if the company responds when you need them to. This is not a company you can count on.
Peter J.
I was going to Dubai, Emirates canceled my trip but charged me $400 cancellation fee. I was only trying to get that covered. Took them 7 months to complete and deny the claim! Not useful. Would not reccomend!
Luis T.
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